TaskPaper 3.1 Preview (191)


I’m hoping to make this one the official 3.1 release if nothing major comes up.

Edit I have a very small and flexible spine… made a few more changes since last preview:

  • Don’t show @ before tag names in menus for easier type-to-select.
  • Always hide file extension from filename in sidebar and projects popup.
  • Removed Saved Searches from “projects” popup. (Command-L)
  • Added Saved Searches to search field popup (Command-Control-F)
  • Fixed proper restoration of collapsed items when closing with search active.

Final Release Notes:

  • Added TaskPaper > Show License menu item.
  • Added Help > Email, FAQ and Release Notes items.
  • Added Hold down shift to drop items “on” other items.
  • Added Drag and drop projects in sidebar to reorder.
  • Added Saved searches to search field Recents menu.
  • Added Drop text, URLs, etc into sidebar.
  • Changed “Move to Project” to add at top of list.
  • Changed Drop on sidebar to add at top of list.
  • Changed Default theme to hide handles of empty items.
  • Changed Use document filename as label instead of “Home”.
  • Changed Don’t show saved search when search text is empty.
  • Changed Command-L (Go to Project…) to always use popup. Use Control-Shift-Tab for sidebar.
  • Changed Option-click on item handle now focuses item instead of only its children.
  • Changed Don’t show @ before tag names in menu items, so type to select works better.
  • Fixed (another) incorrect selection when using Option-Return.
  • Fixed Do nothing when drag and drop item to original location.
  • Fixed projects popup to removing trailing tags.
  • Fixed Strip trailing tags and : from Archive Done project name.
  • Fixed Printing to always print same view that you see (even when searching).

Theme Additions:

  • Added depth item attribute for themes to query:
  • Added paragraph-spacing-before item style property.
  • Added paragraph-spacing-after item style property.
  • Added guide-line-width editor style property.
  • Added item-handle-size editor style property.

Theme Additions Demo:

editor {
  guide-line-width: 2;
  item-handle-size: 8;
item[depth=1][data-type=project] {
  paragraph-spacing-before: 10;
  paragraph-spacing-after: 20;


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Thanks, Jesse!

Control-Shift-Tab fails when the focus is in the search field. Also if focus is already in the sidebar, then when I press control-shift-tab again, focus moves to the search field and gets stuck there.


You can use Tab and Shift-Tab to get out of the Search field, that’s the normal way to switch between views. The only reason for Control is in the case when you are trying to get out of the text editor which already uses Tab and Shift-Tab.

With that said I think the search fields should also understand the Control case. I’ll try to get that working in next release.


Hi Jesse,
just updated to build 190…

There is an now an issue shows up when quitting TP and a saved search is active.

How to reproduce

  • I’ve set (as you know) the terminal command in order to reopen a document.
  • open TP
  • open a project file
  • select a saved search in the sidebar
  • quit TP by pressing CMD-Q
  • reopen TP

=> all projects related to the previous selected search (have a positive search result) are now folded!

just checked, also present in build 188


I’ve created a small movie.



Wow, Jesse…

Am I right you have fixed this issue already in build 191 :smile:



I “think” I fixed it! But the real world always knows for sure.


Thanks for improving the popus, @jessegrosjean!

The Saved Searches move from the projects popup to the search field broke my muscle memory, but it makes sense. A thing that would help is moving the Saved Searches section to the top of the “Search By” popup. This would give it priority over the Tags section when typing-to-select. I’m asking this based on my use case, but thinking more general, if a user has created saved searches, they must be the more important kind of search for him. So, it seems like this would be a welcome change for all.

Another thing that came up now that I’m using this “Search By” popup: after selecting an item from the list, the focus should go to the editor, not the search field. If I’m searching by a predefined search, I just want a select it and keep the focus on the editor.


[Re: sidebar]

Thanks, @jessegrosjean. I see your point about the existing logic.

The downside for me about the new implementation, even if you get the search field portion working, is that I have to check to see if the sidebar has focus before I do anything. That breaks flow.

I would certainly prefer the normal ⌘L implementation if it had the same auto-magic type-to-select stuff as the normal sidebar focus does.


I think that will get in eventually. I plan to build a Sublime/Atom style “Go to anything” pallet. Once that’s ready then I’ll use that UI for the Go to, and it will have the fancy type to select matching rules.


I’ll buy that :slight_smile: I’ll try to switch to this in next release.

This makes sense too, though it’s a little trickier. For instance the shortcut maps to the menu item View > Search By… I think it would be odd to jump you back to previous focus if you decide to to select an item from the popup in that default case. So maybe a separate command. A bit more in the distance a generic “Go to” power box UI would be a good alternative. I think I might start by first making it easier to quickly get out of the search field and into the text editor. Right now that’s a multistep process. Anyway I’ll think a bit more on this.