TaskPaper 3.1 Preview (185)

  • Added Help > Email and FAQ menu items.
  • Added TaskPaper > Show License menu item.
  • Added Show saved searches projects popup in toolbar.
  • Added Hold down shift to drop items “on” other items.
  • Changed “Move to Project” to add at top of list.
  • Changed Drop on sidebar to add at top of list.
  • Changed Default theme to hide handles of empty items.
  • Fixed (another) incorrect selection when using Option-Return.

Themes Additions:

  • Added depth item attribute for themes to query:
  • Added paragraph-spacing-before item style property.
  • Added paragraph-spacing-after item style property.
  • Added guide-line-width editor style property.
  • Added item-handle-size editor style property.

Quick demo of new theme options:

editor {
  guide-line-width: 2;
  item-handle-size: 8;
item[depth=1].item[data-type=project] {
  paragraph-spacing-before: 10;
  paragraph-spacing-after: 20;

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This is awesome. I also went to check the documentation and saw that there is now an appendix describing most of the elements in the themes; but understandably, this is not there yet.

I am thinking about writing a tutorial on writing themes (I am home with the flu, and I find myself with an unexpected amount of free time) and was wondering if that would be something that could be added to the Extensions Wiki. My only fear is that the wiki becomes too busy for people to look through it all. May be when we had the wiki becomes larger, it would be wise to create a separate wiki for scripts, themes, etc.


If you are up for it then yes I think it’s a great idea. How/where it’s presented is really up to you.
Options that I can think of include:

  • Post it as a forum post.
  • Post to your own site/blog.
  • Post to medium, or some hosted site.
  • Post in the user’s guide (i’d need to help you with that a bit)

Really up to you. But in any/all cases I think it would be very appropriate to link to it from the extensions wiki.


Nice update! I’m happy about the paragraph-spacing additions.

I noticed that when I’m pressing Return after a nested item, my caret is taken to the left-most indent position instead of being at the same indent position as the item I was just on. Do you get that too?

Also: if that item-handle-size could be defined for a specific item (for example, a bigger handle for collapsed items), that might be nice (makes the item look heavy with other items). Did that use case cross your mind?


Oops… looks like a bug. I think it’s only happening when inserting new items after the last item in any list (or sublist) of items?

It did, that’s actually the route I started down. But I think for now I’d like to keep the bullet/guide line layer relatively uniform in size. You can always use color to bring things out, I think for now that’s a good enough option.


Just tweaked theme-notes-first for 3.1: