Taskpaper 3.1 hangs for some seconds frequently

I upgraded to Taskpaper 3.1 and I experience problems since. On a regular basis, Taskpaper hangs for some seconds, especially when switching to the Taskpaper window.

Any recommendations?

That shouldn’t be happening. Can you think of anything “special” about your document, something that might be different that the what most users have? For example:

  1. Is it really big?
  2. Is it stored on a network disk?
  3. Do you have custom theme (if so if you remove it does problem go away?)
  4. What languages are in your document (I know there’s been a problem reported with Japanese text sometime causes performance issues)

Assuming it’s now one of those cases. Is it possible to send me (jesse@hogbaysoftware.com) the document so that I can try to reproduce the issue?


I checked and the file had some 150KB. This was because I collected all my tasks there for some time now, archiving done tasks if necessary. Deleting the archive in fact solved the problem.

Regarding the other aspects:

  • no network disk
  • no custom theme
  • no other languages or specific language settings.


TaskPaper does quite a bit more work then a standard text editor, but still I wouldn’t think it should slow down to much with a file of that size. At least on my computer I’ve just copied/pasted the welcome text a bunch of times to create a 1mb file and it still seems to work without to much slowdown. It gets a bit choppy if a scroll as fast as I can from top to bottom, but editing and saving and window switching all seem fast.

Normally I work with pretty small files (don’t want to work too hard!), is anyone else working with larger TaskPaper files and noticing any performance problems?

Here’s a thought… can you tell me your computer’s speed and memory? I wonder if maybe you are memory constrained, and when you switch away from TaskPaper for a while it’s swapped to disk or something and needed to swap back in when you switch back to it? (I have no idea what I’m talking about, or if OS X even works that way right now, just an idea).

Computer speed should not be the problem: MacBook Pro, 2.9 GHz Intel Core i5, 16GB RAM

I’ve just posted some quick performance tests here:

I don’t know if they really cover the issue that you are seeing, since you say it only shows up after a few minutes. But might still give you a general feel for how it “should” perform. I didn’t notice any such pauses when doing my tests.