TaskPaper 3.0 Preview (173)


Spend time in miscellaneous bug category:

  • Use Command-R to refresh search results.
  • Added back “poof” animation when deleting items.
  • Font size no longer changes in search field when editing.
  • Right click on misspelled word should now always select the full word.
  • Improved text baseline positioning, especially better for Japanese text (I hope!)
  • When creating and opening new documents base position and size on last active document.

Download TaskPaper 3 Preview


Hi Jesse,

thnx for fixing the opening window issue! Works as expected now!



Yeah, thanks for that.


Thanks for another feature I’ve requested, Jesse!


Thanks for the fast updates! Are there any plans to add the Shift-Command-Return quick-add shortcut? This was a huge feature in 2.0 through 2.3.2 and it would be great to see it added in 3.0.


I don’t have plans to add that back for version 3.0.

Instead post 3.0 (and no promises, just something on my backlog of ideas) I would like to instead create a status menu item version of TaskPaper. That would solve a number of problems requests by:

  1. It would be globally available with either mouse or keyboard shortcut.
  2. It would always be associated with a single document, so could help people who only ever want to use TaskPaper with a single document. Using the status item menu they wouldn’t need to think about documents. Just there list.