TaskPaper 3.0 Preview (170)

  • Added to create an absolute path start with “/” followed by non whitespace chars.
  • Added to create a relative path start with “./” followed by non whitespace chars.
  • Changed file:// URLs to once again always get interperted as global paths.
  • Fixed a bug moving fully selected (ie Select Branch) items around past folded items.

API Changes:

  • Fixed DateTime.format to use HH hour format.
  • Fixed DateTime.parse to parse times with milliseconds if present.
  • Exposed DateTime for use in scripts as a global, instead of requiring hacky webpack requires.
  • Renamed Selection.items to Selection.selectedItems. Updated docs to describe when selection.endItem isn’t included in selectedItems.

Download TaskPaper 3 Preview


So happy to see the absolute paths working! Thanks, Jesse!


Bug report

Fold Heading1 and then Move Item down past Heading2. Subhead2 will be kicked down to the end of the file. If Heading2 is folded, this doesn’t happen. It’s not necessary to Select Branch on Heading1 to cause this to happen.

test.taskpaper (116 Bytes)


Also, the sound effect and cloud that go with deleting an item have been lost! :confused:


That bug should be fixed in the next release.