TaskPaper 3.0 Preview (168)

  • Fixed sidebar saved searches.

  • Fixed “Select Branch” menu item.

  • Fixed “Format Items” menu items.

  • Fixed Redraw problems with “not all shown” message string.

  • Renamed Items > Delete to “Items > Delete Items” so can be assinged custom keybinding.

  • Changed API method Outline.getItems() to a property Outline.items.

  • Changed “Delete Items” shortcut to Control-Shift-K to match Sublime and Atom.

  • Changed sidebar search inidicator to ::. Not sure if it makes logical sense, but visually it works well I think.

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Thanks for getting this out so quickly, Jesse!

Thank you. I know it took a lot of work to release the previous version, and a lot more the get several of the bugs fixed.

yes, thanks for the fixes.

First bug report:

Two folded items


If i have a cursor in either one and Move Up or Move Down, then the Folded items move past each other without exploding.

If, however, i have used Select Branch to select, say, Heading1_folded and then Move Down through Heading2_folded, it all goes crazy. At one point, the heading jumped to the bottom of the document. Regularly, all subheadings disappear.

This doesn’t happen if all items are unfolded and Select Branch is used to Move Down/Up through another bunch of headings and subheadings.

Basically, it’s dangerous to Move Items around if anything is folded.

A related bug:

- Subheading2

Place cursor in Heading1_folded and Move Heading1_folded down through Heading2. Heading1_folded unfolds and integrates into Heading2. If i happen to hit Move Item down again, only the top line of Heading1_folded moves down.

Not good, because when i fold something, i want it to stay folded until i actively choose to unfold it by clicking on the blue dot. Some of my folded sections can be quite large, and having it explode unexpectedly means that i lose my organization. I need to go into the mixed section, search through and select the section that originally belonged to Heading1_folded, and move it all back out again. (or hopefully, just use ctrl-z).

It’s like pouring one drawer full of stuff into another drawer full of stuff.

Thanks for getting this out! I’m running into a problem — the “Go Home” menu item isn’t working for me. Nothing happens when I select/click on it. Has anyone else been running into this problem?

Thanks, this is a bug in release 168, it should be fixed for next update.

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Is not remembering window position/state still known to be a bug? I saw a note that it was fixed but it’s still happening for me on build 168. I just bought TP 3 recently so I don’t think I’ve had any previous builds. I accidentally commented on build 167 about this.

It should be working like TextEdit right now. It will save window position (and other state, such as collapsed items) if you leave a window open when quitting TaskPaper. Then those same windows will be restored at same positions.

I still have an issue open to figure out if it can/should do more move saving of window positions, etc. But at least now I think it should be behaving like a standard Mac app in respect to saving window positions.

Why the change in the sidebar search indicator? After using the new one (::) for a while, I’m sure I don’t like it.

@jessegrosjean, what do you think of making this an option, so the user could choose the best looking character for his taste or whichever emoji he likes?

I think the previous style didn’t match well with the rest of the sidebar. It was to much of a puffy icon. It stood out for sure, but I think it stood out to much and in the wrong style. I got a number of complaints about it, and didn’t love it very much myself either.

I think the new style stands out visually, but not awkwardly. Maybe if lots of people complain I’ll change my mind… but still like it now! :slight_smile: I do think it could become a them-able option down the road, but that’s likely to be post TaskPaper 3.0 release.

Also, in the next release I’m going to make saved search item text italic to differentiate it a bit further. If anyone has suggestions on a better indicator character (instead of ::slight_smile: I’ll try it out of course. I’m just fairly happy with :: right now.

Some suggestions:

  • (en dash)
  • (single right-pointing angle quotation mark)
  • (rightwards arrow)

I don’t know if I like this idea, but if you’re going to make these names italics, I think the special character is not necessary (as its function is to differentiate these names from the projects’ ones). If you think it’s really important to have both the character and the italicized name, go with the dash – this way things won’t get too strange.

@doug Sorry for not responding to these directly, but I was in the middle of changing a lot of it for todays release. Anyway please try the new release, I incorporates a lot of your previous feedback. And in general (I hope) makes it a lot easier to move folded items around.

Oh, I see! I’d been closing out all windows and then quitting TP…thanks!

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