TaskPaper 3.0 Preview (164)

  • Apply theme text attributes when drawing task dashes.

  • Fixed Item > Duplicate Items command.

  • Fixed initial window layout when toolbar is hidden.

  • Fixed printing which was broken by the previous release.

  • Fixed selection problems when moving fully selected (including trailing newline) items.

Download TaskPaper 3 Preview


Uh oh. Dash formatting issues…see pic


Yep! Same here on update to 164


I think this is a font size vrs indent size issue.

I’m using an em-dash for that dash, and I guess in some fonts it’s pretty big! I think the easiest solution would be to increase editor { item-indent } in your stylesheet. Does that seem to work?


That works. Though my eyes aren’t happy about the small text.


@redsleeves @svsmailus … Actually this suggestion isn’t correct:

I don’t think adjusting item-indent will fix the problem. I’ll look into a better solution for the next release.


Ah, what worked for me was zooming out


Yeah that fixes it just because it makes all fonts smaller… basic problem is that I’ve hard-coded the width that the dash displays in. Another temporary fix would be to adjust the font size (in theme file) of just that dash. Then you could have the rest of your fonts large, but that dash smaller.


Also, while I was tooling around in the search box, a project and the whitespace it was contained in started strobing black for a few seconds and then the entire document went black (the sidebar didn’t change).

I closed and reopened and the document was fine.


Hum… that sounds odd… do let me know if you figure out how to reproduce that bug.


Couldn’t sort the bullet into a non irritable visual so have gone back to 163 for the time being.


Foolishly accepted automatic updates, rash I know, but I’d really like to be able to switch them off again and give me a chance to read the notes.


I’m not sure if there’s a way to do that through the UI, but if you quit app and delete it’s preferences file that should do it. Also you can add this link to an RSS feed reader to see all the release notes as they come out:



You’ll normally find the older version in the trash. Rename it to Taskpaper.app and copy it over.


I noticed that thanks. Mainly wanted to avoid download boomerang phenomenon! I found the preferences list and trashed it I’ll be careful with that option wait for the release for that.


After installing the latest, I noticed a couple of things.

  1. Checkboxes next to tasks have been replaced by dashes.
  2. Dates do not appear next to @done tag even with preference checked.


I changed the checkboxes to dashes on purpose. I still hope to bring back an option for checkboxes, but right now it’s only dashes.

For me dates are showing up correctly when you tag items with @done. The problem might be:

  1. That setting only effect newly added @done tags (after you’ve checked the setting)

  2. That setting only effects @done tags that are added by clicking the leading dash before a task, or @done tags added by the Command-D command. If you just type @done in the editor no date is added.

Does that explain the problem or do you see another case?


This is confusing. Can you please fix the dashes indent size in the next update ASAP?


I have the same problem. Haven’t done anything to the stylesheet except text colors. It would be great to have this one fixed with next version.


I’ll post a fixed version a bit later today. I think I must have done something in my custom stylesheet that eliminated this problem, because I didn’t see it while in development. I didn’t realized it effected the default stylesheet. Anyway fix coming soon.