TaskPaper 3.0 Preview (163)

  • Added Format menu for setting item type.

  • Fixed delete backward after last tag no longer un-indents item.

  • Fixed a performance issue that effected typing speed in the last preview release.

Download TaskPaper 3 Preview

Hi Jesse,

I found a small bug – if you have the cursor towards the top of a file, then scroll down and click on a dash to mark that item as complete, the scrollview snaps back to where the cursor is. This is surprising – I’d expect the cursor to stay where it was, and the scroll position to stay where it was.


Hi Jesse,

A small bug I noticed in the last preview build and still in this one, if you set your view to “Hide Toolbar” when you re-open a recent document or open a new document, the screen renders with a large grey area just below the title bar that looks like this:

If I trigger a redraw by dragging an edge of the window to resize it, the grey area immediately goes away.

I’m on El Cap 10.11.1

Thanks for your great work.


Did the checkboxes go away in this release?

They are removed at the moment, though I still have hopes of bringing them back as an option: