TaskPaper 3.0 Preview (160)


This release adds a first implementation of saved searches.

  1. Create a new item, the text of this item will serve as the search’s label.

  2. Add the @search to the item, that value of that tag will be the associated search. For example @search(task not @done).

  3. Once you add the @search tag notice that the search is added to the sidebar. Select that item to apply the search.

Let me know where you see room for improvement. Thanks!

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Saved Searches in TP3

This approach makes it hard to share searches between multiple files :frowning:


I agree the implementation isn’t ideal for sharing searches between documents. But I think the current approach still covers all the different cases that people might want the best. My thinking is:

  1. The simplest way to use TaskPaper is with one file, so there’s no issue there.

  2. If you have multiple files then there are two cases: you want searches shared between them or you don’t. I think people will have both preferences depending on use case and documents.

  3. As it’s currently implemented it is possible to share searches between files, though it’s a manual copy/paste process. On the other hand if I implemented it the other (global) way then it would be impossible not to share the searches… unless I added a new set of rules.

So the current implementation isn’t ideal for sharing searches, but I feel its good enough and covers all the different cases in the simplest way.


I would like to suggest a change to how searches are displayed in the sidebar.

I use taskpaper in half of my 13" laptop screen, with a different app in the other half.

This means that the sidebar is somewhat width-constrained - yes, I can increase the sidebar’s width but, then, my writing area feels too narrow.

The way in which the suggested search is displayed takes up a lot of sidebar width:

@search(tasks not @done)

… and this means that, in my relatively common setup, the most important part of the phrase (the part that identifies what it does) is partially hidden. At the default width, I can see only this much:

:gear: @search(tasks…

If the cog icon was replaced with a search icon, that indicator would allow you to drop the “@search(…)” chrome and display the entire actual search phrase:

:mag: tasks not @done

… we not only get to see that it is a search, we also get to see more of what the actual search is.


A changed search icon might improve things… though it seems this is the OS X standard. Used for instance by Mail.app… and the image is actually a standard system image named NSImageNameSmartBadgeTemplate … which I think is pretty much what is being implemented.

But… I think you can solve the problem by including your own search label. Try typing this instead:

Todo @search(tasks not @done)

Then the sidebar will just display your label and not the search.


It should no be possible to tag search items with @done. If you undo this at the moment this also removes any @done tag from the value of the search.


Yeah that’s buggy… though I think the answer isn’t to try to disable tagging those items with @done, instead I need to make the logic smarter so that it won’t add/remove tags that are inside tag values.


Labeling the search is a neat solution - I’m a Taskpaper newbie, easily impressed :smile:

It does, however, add an additional layer and I wonder if most users will naturally think of that. An argument could be made that it would be better if, even in cases where labels are not being used, the search is displayed in a way that conveys more important information.

I am probably misunderstanding what you wrote about the image, I don’t use Mail.app, I just used a unicode character, of which there are variations (slanted the other way etc) that might better distinguish it from whatever Mail.app is doing.


How did you make it look so nice in this picture as in “Due Today”?

Mine looks like @search(@tag-name)



My Search Label @search(@tag-name)


The app crashes, when no network connection is avalaibal at first run. It seems the FirtsRunWizzard (or how you call it) wants internet access and cannot handle the missing network link.


This is due to the SDK that i’m using for payment processing. It’s been reported to them… I’m hoping for a fix soon.


I saw you inserted the magnifier icon in the latest build, I suggest something with a flat look, I’m not very keen on this particular icon. With a search label the smart folder icon wasn’t causing any problems for me.

I found this one, not sure if there is any licensing http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icon/search/


I agree… and actually I was trying to get the FontAwesome search icon working for the last release, but couldn’t figure it out for some reason (error on my part for sure)… but yeah I don’t love that icon either and agree flatter would be better.