TaskPaper 3.0 Preview (150)

  • Added preferences window settings for editor, archive done, and new document default settings.

  • Added ability to use “today” and “tommorrow” in searches and tag values.

    1. For these to be treated specially you must use the [d] date modifier in the relation.

    2. Use in searches such as @due <=[d] tommorrow to match all items whose @due today or earlier.

    3. Less, but maybe still, useful is to use them in item tags. For example - my daily tasks @due(today) will (only when searching with date modifier) convert today to the current date for search comparison purposes. So you could tag task that you do daily with a today value and they would show up in relavant date searches.

  • Changed search syntax to be more forgiving. For example it now accepts @due = 2010-11-27 without requring that the date is put in quotes.

  • Changed to use fuzzy matching when typing to select a project in the projects sidebar.

  • Fixed to not expand focused project when moving it’s children around by line and branch.


thanks Jesse

just… https are not “blue” anymore and do not trigger the hand on hover. still behave as links though


Opps thanks for catching that, will fix for next release. You’ll see the same problem for all non http urls until I make the fix.