TaskPaper 3.0 Preview (149)


Here’s what changed and I remembered to write down:

  • Added View > Go Home menu item to go home and show all projects.

  • Added option click on bullet next to project to focus that project.

  • Added View > Show / Hide Projects menu item to toggle the projects sidebar.

  • Added Item > Remove Tags in Selection to remove all tags from selected items.

  • Added Smart links (URLs and emails) are now highlighted and clickable.

  • Added Refresh open document document when file is changed in background by Dropbox and other means.

  • Added file:/// URLs are opened relative to document that they are contained in.

  • Changed Source list view can now receive keyboard focus for keyboard navigation.

  • Changed Item > Delete Items now maintains selection on current line.

  • Removed Toolbar projects popup, View > Go to Project now uses sidebar instead.

  • Fixed Data detectors and spell checking highlights are shown when you first open a document.

  • Fixed Broken text input methods such as Chinese and Japanese are now working.

  • Fixed Remembers spelling and other text checking state for documents that are restored when TaskPaper opens.


You, sir, are a gentleman.


Great additions! Thank you.

Where is the option to refresh the document? Or does it happen automatically?

I figured it out. I just ran a script against the file that modifies repeat dates and tags and the screen went white, but switching out of focus to another project and back in cleared it all up and shows the changes!


Works fine now!

Did not change here. Spell checking is always “on” when I reopen a document


Right… the part that is working now is if you quite TaskPaper (leaving documents open as you quite) then when you reopen (resume) TaskPaper your settings will be restored in those documents. Assuming you haven’t chosen “Close windows when quiting an app” in System > General preferences. I still need to decide how to set default preferences for newly opened documents.


Two key features missing so far:

  1. Font size and style. Mainly size.

  2. Closing TaskPaper file and opening it again - TaskPaper does not remember window size and always resets to default window size.


I plan to address the first issue when I add themes.

The second issue should be working in the OS X standard way. Please see this post for more info:


Another feature request. Convert selected text to list items. Very useful when pasting list items without dashes from other apps.

Convert selected text to list items

Great update!

I’m an old user of TaskPaper. The only thing I missed in TP2 was an ability to save search queries. Any plans to add it to TP3?


Also I’ve noticed that when you mark task done cursor jumps the the first line. It’s really annoying especially if you have a big document.


For saved searches please see:

Though I’m curious about your TaskPaper 2 saved searches… I don’t think it provides that feature?


I think it’s not jumping to the first line exactly… instead it’s scrolling to show the text cursor. Sill annoying and something that I’ll fix, but in the meantime might make it easier to avoid. I “think” as long as the blue cursor is scrolled into view then you shouldn’t see any jump.