TaskMator style reminder tags

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Not sure if “liking” this idea is enough, or if a comment under it would help bump it up. Integration with reminders would be boss.


Would love this. I’m curious, though: what would happen if you changed the time or date? Would you get two alarms?

I’ve tried out tag-based notifications on Listacular (iOS) but for some reason I always get at least two notifications, and that’s even if I haven’t changed anything. Also, they’re only app-based and not linked to your Apple account.

I was actually thinking about Taskpaper creating calendar entries rather than triggering simple OS X notifications when I wrote the above, so never mind that.

Now I think it would be very cool to get notifications. Would fit better into TaskPaper than FoldingText too, imo.

This is slightly off-topic, but did you make sure that you disabled notifications for either Listacular or Reminders? Since they share the same reminders “database”, it is normal that you would get duplicate notifications otherwise (one from the Listacular app, one from the Reminders app). The same happens with third party apps that access the calendar database.

Thanks for the suggestion, hadn’t thought about that. Checked it out, but Listacular doesn’t create Reminders.app entries, and, even with Reminders.app notifications disabled, I’ve still managed to get zero, two, or, forgetting what I did, even more notifications for a single entry.

Anyway, I should probably ask the Listacular dev.

I’d love to see reminders integration also. At the moment Taskmator provides a very good connection with Taskpaper and reminders. I love how it also marks items completed in Taskmator when they’re ticked off in reminders. I tend to do all my timed stuff in Taskmator for that reason. It would be good to have this functionality on the Mac version.