Task Paper 3 and Folding Text 2 - feature overlap question

I have Folding text 2.2 (or latest anyways) and I like it. If I buy Task Paper 3, does it have the same folding plain text feature - can I use it for both plain text writing and To Dos etc?

I’m just trying to decide if I will buy task paper 3 and also what the difference between them is.

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It has a similar folding feature, but not exactly the same. In TaskPaper all structure (which is where the folds happen) is defined by tab indentation. In FoldingText on the other hand lots of different things create structure… for example a heading contains all other non-heading text after it … no mater what the tab indentation is.

Yes, but you will have fewer formatting options. In TaskPaper you have projects, tasks, notes, and tags. That’s it. In FoldingText you have all of markdown. Off course you can open any plain text file in TaskPaper (including Markdown files), but TaskPaper for example won’t highlight bold text as bold text automatically as FoldingText does.

I think you best bet is to download the free 1 week trial here and give TaskPaper 3 a try:

I had the same question several months ago and I didn’t buy TP 3 in the end.
One reason for sure is that I already got FT, but I also write notes more than manage tasks, so I don’t really need better tagging and searching that TP 3 provides. It is also quite nice to have markdown support in FT, so I can keep lots of links in my notes and it won’t look messy.