Task entries not being saved when change project

I have created a file “tasks-mine.taskpaper” (file name at top of Home screen)
– with five “projects” – names

But after I enter tasks in one project
and then go to the next
– the tasks are gone in the first project
– they are not held

When do I have to do “Save”
I assumed never.
That is common for many “reminder, note” files
– or at least there is a warning when something will not be saved

I don’t see anything in settings that would impact save.
I didn’t find anything in manual or forum about data not being saved.

Thanks for any help / clarification.


It appears that in order to have the first task entry saved
then the writing space has to have the “project” title only in the sidebar and in the gray area above the writing space.

If the project is shown in bold in the writing space
and then the first task (and anything else entered) isn’t saved

But after the first task is entered as noted, then additional tasks can be entered and are automatically saved with the Project title showing in the writing space.

Is that correct?

And, if so, why is that?
– is there some advantage to that pattern
– can you do anything when the bold project title is the ONLY text in the writing space

Separate question.

How do I set a file to be the default file opened when the program is opening.
Current although I have a saved filed, opening the program open the “Welcome” projects list as an unnamed file.

The task file is among the “recent” files and opens if selected.
But it isn’t the default/

Thanks so much for helping me up the first hills.


I’m not sure, but I think the issue might be that you have just filtered out those tasks. Maybe you are focused into a project that the tasks are not part of, because they are not indented under the project.

I think if you click “Home” in the sidebar I think you will see the lost tasks. To make them part of the project indent them… and then you will see them when you focus into that project.

Please checkout these intro videos (especially the first one which demonstrates what I’m talking about):


Please reply if that doesn’t explain the problem, or if you have more questions.


Thanks for responding.

You are of course correct – that is exactly what happened.

The “disappearing” entries are all in “Home” and are not indented relative to the Project they are “under”.

So the task isn’t properly in the project until you see the little blue circle next to the bold project title and the line going down from it includes the “new task”

What I didn’t realize is that the you can
– put in text,
– highlight it
– apply “Item>Format as … Task”
and it gets made into plain type and preceded by a dash
– but it is held as a task in that project until you hit tab.

Clear now and key is to look for the blue circle and line as indication.

I assume you can also solve my second question
– how do you tell the app that if you just click on the icon in the dock to start it,
you want it to open a default file you have made,
rather than the Untitled “Welcome” Project list?

Thanks again. I like the look and feel and am very pleased to be moving forward.



P.S. Will do the screencasts.

You can’t set a default file that will always open, but TaskPaper will restore windows that were open when you last quit. So the key is to just leave your default document open and never close the window. Quit TaskPaper when you want the window to go away. See " To restore windows & tabs:"



Thanks again.

since my reflex in otherprograms is to close windows on exit,
I went about the issue slightly differently.
I took the Taskpaper app icon out of the dock
and put the icon for my Taskpaper file in the dock.

Click the file icon and it opens – no matter what I did leaving ;-))

I’m moving up the learning curve comfortably thanks to your help. More of the issues are operational and addressed nicely in the manual.



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