Take me to my found item

I have one TP list for all my stuff. This means I rely on search quite a lot. The search is excellent, but I’ve run into a problem. Quite often the search will bring a parent item and I’d like to see the child item. However, the child item doesn’t contain the search term and so is not visible.

There are two options that would be useful.

  1. Have a function so that you can go directly to the place in the TP document that you have selected in the search results.
  2. Have the ability to expand all child items even though they don’t match the search criteria.

At the moment, search helps me find something, but I need a way to get to that item to work on it and it’s related tasks.

I’ll be adding back TaskPaper 2’s reveal search result before 3.0 final… which solves the problem using option 1. At some point I would also like to support option 2, but not sure that will make it into 3.0.

Many thanks! Really enjoying TP 3 so far, well done, excellent job!

I’ve actually done the opposite of what I originally suggested… I’ve now solved the problem as your #2 suggests. When you expand an item it will always show all of the items children no matter what the search filter is. I’m still trying to decide if I need to add a TaskPaper 2 style reveal command or not.