Probably not the most interesting topic for existing users… but I’m supposed to spend some chunk of my time on marketing, and so this morning I’ve been thinking about Bike’s tagline.

To this point Bike’s taglines have been:

  • Tool for thought
    I think this is most descriptive of my goals, but it’s generic term for whole category of software and maybe that’s a problem? Anyway that’s why I stopped using.

  • Outline writing, lists and notes
    This is what I’m using currently. This lists things you can do with Bike, but it’s getting old for me and “Outline writing” seems like a confusing first phrase of a tagline.

I think the goal should be two things:

  • A phrase that I can look at to remind me of Bike picture design

  • A phrase that a new user who doesn’t know about Bike will read after “Bike Outliner” to understand the software a bit more and decide if they should read future.

With that in mind I want to get “thinking” somewhere in the tagline. For my own use that’s Bike’s core feature. One possibility is to go back to Tool for thought. Another possibility is to changes to something like Thinking, writing and notes. Or maybe something else?

Anyway if you have any opinions please let me know. And if you don’t … I understand very well :slight_smile: Phew!


“Tool for thought” is also used by Baronfig (albeit they use “Tools for thinkers”), so lots of competition there.

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Accelerate Your Thinking
  • Fast, fluid and minimal outlines
  • Fluid Thinking, Rapid Outlining
  • From Thoughts to Results


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My latest candidate is:

  • Write to think

Fewer keywords which maybe hurts in App Store, but pretty good summary of app an apps goals.


Does it hurt? I never find anything on apple through search unless I type in the whole app name directly.

Here’s building off of yours:
Write. Think. Expand.

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Just spitballing but what if you tack on “lists and notes?”

  • Write to think, with lists and notes
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Think through writing

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Accelerate focused writing

For me, the image of a bike and the experience of using Bike draws my attention to three things:

  1. Swift movement (both of thought and writing)
  2. Deep focus
  3. Easily changing course (both of drafting and editing)
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Focused thought and writing

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Here’s my current take: name, tagline, intro:

Bike Outliner
Structured focused writing

Use Bike to think, write, and organize
Make lists, take notes, and create documents
Bike is a fast and fluid outliner designed for your Mac

More thoughts and improvements welcome.

Looks promising …

I wonder if the opening ...ed ...ed feels a bit unusual / distracting ?

Structured thinking, focused writing ?

It certainly might, anyone else have a reaction?

For me this is a little long. I feel like (at this particular second) “writing” is the core of Bike. And the unique aspects of Bike’s writing are that it’s structured and focused.

Thinking, brainstorming, etc are important things you will do with that “writing”, but secondary.

I do feel like structured is more important than focused. So one alternative is “Structured writing”. Like that better then “Structured focused writing”?

Here you’ve used the conjunction and implying that the two items before and one item after in each line comprises all that Bike does. The conjunction creates a closed list.

However, if you delete the conjunction, like this:

Use Bike to think, write, organize
Make lists, take notes, create documents

You imply that the list of possibilities can continue.

At least this is how I teach this structure in syntax/grammar classes I teach.

Food for thought.

Thanks! Good news is I had already made this change, but without any grammatical logic behind it… I just thought the “and” was distracting. Good to know that I have grammar on my side (doesn’t happen often) too!

Current version of everything is here:

Still a work in progress, will always be a work in progress, but I’m happy with the general change so far.

Thanks again for taking a look.

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