Tag to trigger formatting

Is there a tag (@urgent, @hot, @top) that triggers a bold or enhanced formatting?

I’d rather not dig into style sheets, wasn’t sure if there was some basics built in?


No, it’s on my maybe todo list. Seems like a good idea, but then I never get to the point of picking the actually tags and formatting that I would like. In the meantime you could use this rule to bold items:

item[data-urgent] {
  font-weight: bold;

Thanks, can you point me to the basic instructions for the style sheet? I’m sure they are there but just never looked.

In your example, you wrote data-urgent, so that means if the tag is @urgent, correct? (there is no other way of marking a task “urgent”?)


Actually i am finding the documentation but cannot find Theme.less

I have light.less and dark.less, should i just modify light.less?

NEVERMIND – i found the Stylesheet command under Window. Sometimes it helps to look more closely at the actual menus!!

light.less and dark.less are the default themes. So, the best would be to create a new custom theme with the new settings that you want. Dependent on which style you want to modificative, I would duplicate the file : if you are using the light theme, your screen is mostly white, just duplicate the light.less – if you are using the dark theme, your screen is mostly black, just duplicate the dark.less. Then change the name of the file to a new name that would refer to your new theme (ex: myTheme.less). And inside this one add your custom code to change the style.

After that, you will find a new stylesheet that you can apply to your document in TaskPaper from the application top menu : Window / StyleSheet -> myTheme.less

Hope this helps!

The documentation is a bit of of sync, it applies to version 3.3 while you are using the 3.5 preview. One more tip when doing theme stuff is make sure to look at the base stylesheet for a general example of how things are setup. You can find that embedded in the application bundle:


Great! Didn’t know about the base-stylesheet.less! Am I right in thinking that this is the “light” theme that is loaded by default and that are the default style applied before a custom theme ? Meaning, that this is the stylesheet that is loaded before our custom one so this is the style that is set by default on our own style ?

Yes I think so … this is the base stylesheet. The internal implementation just reads in the text for this base stylesheet, and then appends the text from your own selected theme to that text, and then evaluates it all using LESS. Because of the way that LESS and CSS work that means your stylesheet has a chance to override the default rules and variable values as it sees fit.

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Yes, this is what I thought about the overriding of the default rules and variable, thanks!

Thanks Jesse, I’m on the right track now!