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Hello all
I’m quite new with this beautifull tools
Does exist somewhere a list of all tag supported by Taspaper. I don’t have in mind the personnal defined Tag but the one interpreted by Taskpaper?

Thanks in advance for shing your thoughs on this and may be we will ha the ability to get it


I don’t think there are many tag names that are reserved or have special interpretation.

  • @done gets special formatting in the editor, and has a reserved key-stroke.

The Tag sub-menu supports three other names too:

Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 19.21.41

The only built-in attribute names (unavailable as custom tag names) are listed in the [Searches](https://www.taskpaper.com/guide/reference/searches/) section of the documentation.

They are (to quote from that section):

  • @type - Item’s type: project, task, or note.
  • @text - Item’s full line of text.
  • @id - Item’s unique ID.

Thanks a lot ! I have found plenty of ressources to help me to define my workflow and define my own tags

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