Tag character identifier

I don’t know if the subject was already discussed in the forum…
The TP character identifier for tags is @ where nowadays the most used (probably) is #
anyway to add # as tag identifier?


There isn’t. I may revisit decision in TaskPaper 4, but I’m not really thinking about that right now. I also still generally like @ better… TaskPaper tags are already different them most tag systems, since they can have associated values.

FWIW, quite apart from the point that:

  • #name are simply labelled booleans (true values, where no tag = false)
  • whereas @key(value) are labelled values of various additional types (Date, String, List, Number)

I just happen to find the 井 glyph uncomfortably spiky :slight_smile:

( semantically its first resonance for me is the kind of (CJK) "well", into which we might lower a bucket, or from the bottom of which a :frog: might study the sky)

( whereas @ feels a bit rounder and more organic, and semantically quite well embedded by three decades of email name@address …)

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I really like the current usage of # and @. it’s pretty great to use # as complexpoint said, to denote boolean values. the @ is useful as a key value.

that said… theres a taskpaper 4 in the works??? can you share any info about it jesse? :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Alas it’s more of a dream (but one that I’m actively working on) at moment. I started a number of years ago to build next version of my apps. Big part of that vision is adding a “workspace” where you can manage browse multiple files. This is a simple thing… many apps have it. But I’m managing to make it very complex, hopefully with good reason. Anyway, working on it, but nothing to show yet and maybe not real soon.


bummer well your heart is in the right place! i’d also be down for incremental iterative improvements for 3 rather than waiting indefinitely for a 4, although im sure that would be more than worth it :grin:

although i don’t really have anything to complain or even request in taskpaper 3 honestly its better than playing videogames for me

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