Tabs and search up reopeon

I’m on 3.9 preview 479 and on 12.6 and i have an odd one. I often have several tabs open in the same document:

Home, due soon, @waiting etc,

when i quit taskpaper and reopen, the tabs and search items remain, but the tabs are all labeled Home, instead of the specific searches:

anyway to get the tabs to display the proper terms upon reopening?

Ah, I see the problem… titles are restored property for focused projects, but if the tab has a search then they are not. I’ll see if I can find a fix.

yes that is it. and @jessegrosjean thanks for looking into it.

hi @jessegrosjean I know bike is your priority these days but might you be able to spare some development time to look at this again? I would love be able to use tabs in the manner shown above.


I’ll look again now that Bike 1.9 is out.

I remember that I did look before and the fix wasn’t super easy, so I went on to other things. At this point I can’t remember how actually hard it would be. Can’t promise a fix, but I’ll look again.

thank you. I appreciate you taking another look.

If you try the latest TaskPaper Preview release I think this problem is improved.

Please try it out and let me know if it works for you.

Thank you! It appears to be working as desired.