I don’t think support for tables is in any of the other Hogbay products, but I was wondering if it is something that has a chance of appearing on the roadmap for Bike.

Not soon.

I have thought about this though, and I think they will/would be implemented as file attachments.

To create/edit the table you would edit a csv (or some other standard) using editor of your choice (probably not Bike). To add a table to your outline you would insert the attachment.

Ideally the attachment would render the table nicely, similar to how an image attachment is rendered as an image, the table would be rendered as a table, but it would not be editable within Bike.

To get to the point where I’m ready to add tables in this way I need:

  1. Add workspace/file browser interface to Bike
  2. Support file attachments in Bike outlines

All big chunks for work, and other work to do before that… so someday maybe, but not soon.