Tab Titles don't show Project


Times before the taskpaper tabs showed the project that was at the top. Now they simply show the file name.

See example: One of these tabs should read 2018, the other 2018 July.
At least that his how it used to work.

is this a bug or a feature now?



Looking at code, I think it’s not working because of a private API change. Unfortunately to make tab views have custom titles (separate from NSWindow title) I needed to use private API. Somehow that API has changed, and so my custom titles don’t seem to be working anymore. Sorry I don’t see a quick solution at the moment.


Funny, for me it’s still working just fine. Every tab includes the filename followed by the current top-level project.


I wonder if its an osx problem? I am running 10.13.4 at the moment. You?

It was working here as well until recently.
I’ll see what the next update does.


10.13.6. And if it makes a difference, I’m running TaskPaper 3.7.7 (319), release (not preview) version.


Not sure, but I think you guys might be talking about slightly different things.

If you have different documents open in tabs of the same window, then you should see “FileName • Focused Project” as @fssbob describes.

The behavior that’s missing is when you have a single document open, with multiple tabs (different views into that document). In that case it used to be that each tab displayed only the focused project name. Now it just shows the file name.

The underlying difficulty is that it’s not possible (that I know of anyway) to display a different name in a tab from the name that’s displayed in the window titlebar, when that tab is selected.

I could add an option to allow you to always show the focused project along with the filename in all windows if that would be of value. It’s a bit of redundant information, and why I hacked around the problem. But I guess now that that hack isn’t working you are seeing the redundant information (the same filename listed in all tabs) anyway.

Let me know if you think that change would help.

For WriteRoom 4 (and future TaskPaper 4) I’ve written my own tab view implementation so I can display whatever I please without any hacks! :slight_smile: