Sync with Editorial/Dropbox

I thought I had Editorial set up to sync with TP via Dropbox, but although Editorial is syncing with Dropbox, TP is not. Sorry to be dumb, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get TP to sync. Thanks for any help!

TaskPaper doesn’t have any special sync function built in. Instead you need to save your TaskPaper document into the Dropbox folder… and then the TaskPaper file (like all other files in that folder) should sync.

Thank you. I have done that, and it does sync–on what seems to be its own schedule, though. It decided to work yesterday after I emailed you; today, nothing so far. Do you have any idea how that works, or is it a Dropbox question?

I think it’s a Dropbox/Editorial question.

Generally the process is:

  1. TaskPaper saves file to dropbox folder. TaskPaper knows nothing about Dropbox, it’s just saving as it always does.

  2. The Dropbox folder is special in that Dropbox watches it for any changes, and what it sees them the changes are synced up into the Dropbox cloud. Normally I think this is pretty fast, maybe 5-30 seconds.

  3. The final step is that the file gets synced from Dropbox cloud down to Editorial. That’s maybe where the delay is happening. Editorial doesn’t want to ask Dropbox cloud every few seconds if there’s anything new, because that would use up your battery. So instead there’s usually some specific time that Mobile apps will sync. Maybe on app startup. Or maybe when you browse into a particular folder. I’m not sure what it is in Editorial, but maybe you just are doing that action. Maybe there’s some way to manually sync Editorial?

I haven’t used Dropbox in a long time, but when I did, it synced relatively quickly (a matter of seconds—sometimes the sync would be only 1 to 3 seconds).

I would start troubleshooting by checking the settings in the Mac Dropbox app, then the settings in the iOS Dropbox app.