Sync problems with Taskmator / Dropbox - Anyone Else?

Just a quick report of a persistent frustrating issue. Unclear if TaskPaper, TaskMator, Dropbox, gamma radiation, me, or what:

  • If I view Dropbox shared Taskpaper files in TaskMator - no problem.
  • But if I edit the taskpaper file in TaskMator, and then I open the same file later on TaskPaper (desktop) - the file is old. A previous version, with many changs lost.
    Specifically any edits done on Mobile are lost, AND the file is older than the most recent version edited on desktop.

It is as if I’m dropping back 2-3 edit / save cycles.

I don’t have these issues if I edit the native text file on iOS using Dropbox’s built-in text editing, but that’s super slow to do.

Anybody seen anything similar? Thanks!

I’ve had various syncing issues when using TaskPaper 3, Dropbox and TaskMator.

I uninstalled TaskMator and started using Editorial with about ten custom workflows. The sync issues went away.

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Hi - (BTW, have been a happy paying customer of Taskmator to date, but sync issues are a big problem for me now).

Here is what I observe (just tested).

I have a taskpaper.txt file, stored on Dropbox.
Same file is setup to Sync via TaskMator.

I open and edit file on TaskMator. Call this V1.

I open file, and edit it on desktop. Call this V2.

When I open the file on TaskMator, Taskmator receives / ‘sees’ V2, which is correct.

BUT, V1 is ‘pushed’ to Dropbox, and replaces V2! So now my desktop file is one generation too ‘old’ and the recent edits are lost.

It is as if the files are exchanged / swapped between the devices, rather than the most recently edited version being synced to both.

I do not know if the effect is caused by (for example) leaving TaskMator open on iOS, or other factors.


Agree. Editorial is superior to TaskMater – and of course is a real editor with lots of other features in addition to Taskpaper support.

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I’ve found this too, and had moved to Editorial. Intuitively, I feel like Writemator’s suggestion #2 will be key to not losing data. I’ll reinstall and give that a try, but fixing the issue would make me embrace Taskmator again.

Suggestion 1 feels impractical, kinda breaks the model of how I use my phone.

Amit - I have supported TaskMator by purchase, AND by contributing to your direct-email campaign (‘please help fund Taskmator development’).

So, I personally clearly do not want to ‘destroy the app’.

However, in my opinion, TaskMator default sync behavior with Dropbox is unacceptable, and should have been fixed long ago.

Taskmator should check date and time of Drobpox versions of the shared TaskPaper file - and if the version on DropBox is newer than the local iOS version, then TaskMator should warn the user, and allow choice (overwrite remote? keep remote version? etc).

I hope this sync issue can be fixed. TaskMator has many excellent features, and I hope for its continued success.

testflight ID?

TestFlight is the Apple app for distributing beta versions of iOS apps. When you download the TestFlight app, you log in with your Apple ID. So Amit is asking your Apple ID e-mail address. Then he can send you a TestFlight invite e-mail, which will allow you to install a beta version of TaskMator for testing purposes.

Hi Amit. I’m afraid that I don’t have a lot of time right now. I am in Madrid, and I will be traveling to Cadiz soon. Then I will have a lot of project to work on.

If my schedule opens up, I will let you know.



Jim - thanks re testflight info.
Amit, the issue seems simple - newer Taskpaper files which are saved on Dropbox are overwritten with older versions on TaskMator.

I can see in dropbox version history that as soon as I open the app / file on TM, I see that the content of the file changes completely (to the mobile-edited version). Dropbox version shows ‘edited by API’ - that’s when I can see the mobile version overwriting the desktop version. It seems very simple to recreate.

Suggest you create a file on Taskpaper, edit it, open on TM, edit it more. Then make MORE edits on TP, save. Open file on TM - you should see the newest edits on TP are overwritten.

Amit—please do not publish personal e-mails from me.

Dear Karl and others, Extremely sorry for the inconvenience. Please try this suggestion in Taskmator and let me know the result:

  1. Unlink from your dropbox account in Taskmator
  2. Delete Taskmator from your iOS device.
  3. Reboot your iOS device
  4. Reinstall Taskmator on your iOS device.
  5. Link to your dropbox account.

As I am unable to produce this issue. Will try my best to produce it and will investigate on it. In meantime please let me know the above result. Thanks!