Support for ISO week and day numbers?


I’m trying to work out if Taskpaper’s dates support the ISO standard for week and day numbering. For example, today is Week 42 and Day 4 (the fourth day of the week of the 42nd week of the year). The formatting dates documentation mentions that Taskpaper falls back on momentjs which supports ISO strings but when I add a task with something like @due(2016-W51-4) and the search for @due >= [d] 2016-10 the task doesn’t appear.

I don’t know if I’m formatting anything incorrectly or whether this kind of date formatting isn’t supported.



I thought this would have worked, but you are correct it isn’t at the moment.

Looking at the code I was incorrect when I said that it used momentjs as the fallback parser for ISO 8601 strings. Instead it’s using JavaScripts Date class. I’ve just switched over to using momentjs and your example works correctly when I do that. Tests run … so seems like that will do it. I’ll include this change in the next preview release.


Oh cool. Well, if you’re going to enable ISO formatting for dates then I’ll just go ahead and buy a license.