Suggestions for better sidebar-less experience

I like to keep the sidebar hidden, so I was thinking in ways to improve this kind of use:

1. An auto-hide option: The sidebar would stay hidden until the user hit cmd+l or click on the “Toggle sidebar” button. Accessing the sidebar, the user would select some project or filter and then, hit tab or click on the editor to see the sidebar automatically hide again.

2. A toolbar button like the one for “Tag with”: Another option would be to implement a “Go to project” button for the toolbar like the one for “Tag with” (this button existed before, right?). This way the user could easily navigate through projects and filters without accessing the sidebar. In this case, it would be useful to have the fuzzy matching mechanism applied to the menu attached to the button (as I suggested in Feature request: Fuzzy matching for "Tag with...").

Hey, @jessegrosjean, what do you think about this auto-hide option for the sidebar? Is it something we could see in the Taskpaper 3.0 release?

Thanks for the reminder. I’ve just added this to my bugs database to think about more closely when I have time. It seems reasonable, but like everything there’s a bit of effort in actually implementing it and trying it out. But I’m in full agreement on the general need for sidebar-less experience, just not at the top of my priority list right now.

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