Suggestions about behavior of focusing and Bike links

Hi there, I have been experimenting with using Bike to organize my day-to-day, and came across a few behaviors pertaining to focusing and Bike links that I wanted to bring up. I wasn’t totally clear if these things were behaving as-intended, so please take these as either feature requests or bug reports depending on how you had intended it to work.

  • If I click a Bike link from another application, it will open the linked outline in an existing Bike window rather than in a new window. Unfortunately, this means that I lose my context. My preference would be for it to open in a totally new Bike window, even if there is a Bike window already that is looking at the linked file. I am treating my Bike workspace as a kind of stateful and spatial situation, so the windows I have open are kind of carefully arranged to show me what I want to see.

  • The behavior of the Focus Out command is not exactly what I had expected. I often will click a Bike link to another node that is deep in the ambient outline, and then I want to see that node’s context; when I “focus out”, I expect this to unfocus by one outline level, but it instead returns to the root of the outline. It might be that both behaviors are reasonable, but I would really love to have a way to focus out exactly one outline level.

  • Finally, the behavior of the “Expand Level One Rows” option makes sense but it isn’t exactly what I wanted. It seems that “Level One Rows” is understood with respect to the outline root, but in practice I want a relative version of this: if I click a Bike link into the middle of my outline at level N, I would like it to expand Level N+1 rows. In general, I think that it is good when the behavior of the interface is not really sensitive to how deep a given focused node is in the hierarchy.

Thanks a lot! Also, please let me know if there is any other venue you would prefer for me to report things like this.

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