Suggestion: Ctrl + Tab should switch tabs in most recent order

Currently Ctrl + Tab just cycles through tabs. It would be great if it would cycle through them in most recently used order. Most tabbed applications work this way now including browsers, so it would help with muscle memory if Bike also behaved this way.

Safari and TextEdit ^⇥ both seem to act as I would expect – cycling left to right, without any discernible impact from any MRU memory.

( Chrome too, as far as I can see )

And that seems consistent with the description here of:

Use tabs in windows on Mac – Apple Support

  • ^⇥ :: cycle right
  • ⇧^⇥ :: cycle left

But perhaps I am missing something ?


I see that there is an option to set up something like that under General Settings in macOS Firefox (125.0.3), but not as the default on a fresh install:

Is it perhaps something more frequently seen on the Windows platform ?

I think any change here is unlikely soon. Bike is just getting all of this behavior for free from the macOS frameworks. I’m not actually doing much except opting in and saying … “yes macOS, please give bike tabs”.