Subheading deletion causes heading below to demote


If i have


and i Select Block on subheading2 and delete it, then Heading2 demotes to subheading level.

Obviously, i should use cmd-k to delete subheading2, but this is still a tiny bug.


Confirmed this, although it only really happens if you don’t have an extra line between projects (seems as though it’s selecting and deleting the carriage return/new line).

Personally I tend to add an extra line or two separating projects.


This inadvertent deletion bug is worse than i had thought because if Heading2 is a folded item, everything inside Heading2 disappears. (note that this deletion can happen anywhere in the outline, not just project headings)



Yes I agree this is all a bit weird. But in the second case (folded headings getting deleted) it’s more of a display bug. The headings aren’t actually deleted, they just aren’t included in the current outline view. If you do something to reset the items displayed (like select a different project in the sidebar, or search and then clear the search) you’ll see that those headings weren’t actually deleted. But yeah, still a problem.


This should be fixed in the next release.