Strikethrough shortcut

Hi, I’d like to suggest adding or changing the strikethrough shortcut to ⇧⌘X as that is the standard shortcut on macOS.

Alternatively, it would be even better if we could change the shortcuts ourselves.


You can customize the keyboard shortcuts through macOS as explained here:

I couldn’t determine much of a “Strikethrough” shortcut standard when I was looking. Seems most every app used a different shortcut. What apps are using ⇧⌘X?

TIL! In all these years I’ve never realised you could overwrite shortcuts that way. I’ve always added missing ones, or modified them in-app if that was available.

About strikethrough, don’t remember where I read it first, but it seemed to work in most apps I tried. I just checked macOS’ predefined list and it’s not mentioned, that might explain differences between apps.


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I’m still curios on specific ones.

I’ve just tried,, iA,, … they all support strikethrough, but they all use different keyboard shortcut (or none) and none use Command-Shift-x. I wonder if maybe in the past you assigned that shortcut yourself?

Anyway I guess doesn’t really matter, I was just curious. I did look around quite a bit for a standard back when I added that shortcut to Bike, but didn’t find much.

I hadn’t defined it system-wide before, but indeed the more I look around the more they differ. Microsoft seems to stick to cmd-shift-x mainly.