Still much too cumbersome working with multiple items

To select an item I’ve got to select the whole line ie by click-and-dragging across it; to select several I’ve got to repeat this, while holding the command key down; and even if I do all that, unless the items are contiguous I can’t batch-tag or move them.

How about this: to select an item, you should just have to command-click on its handle. Ditto to select a second, third, and so on. And operations should work on non-contiguous items!

Also: grouping. There’s a keyboard command for grouping, but not for ungrouping. And there’s no way to drag-and-drop a task on top of an unexpanded task group to create a child task (though it is possible to drag a task to another project).

These seem obvious candidates for improvement.

It depends what you are trying to do … TaskPaper commands that act on the “current” item act on any item that overlaps the current selection. So for example to Item > Move Up … you just need the text cursor on that items line.

But yes if you are talking about selecting for Copy or Cut you do need to fully select the line. But still there are easier ways then using your mouse:

  1. Select Paragraph - Command-Shift-L
  2. Expand Selection - Option-Command-Up (expand selection from word to sentence to paragraph to branch to all displayed) And reverse using the same combination with Down arrow.
  3. Or what I normally do is Command-Left to go to start of line. Then Shift-Down to select the line.

Command-Click on handle to fully select an item is reasonable, I’ll consider that. Selecting non-contiguous items is something that I would eventually like to support, but the underlying code can’t support that yet and it will be a job to add that support in. So not sure when/if that will arrive.

It is possible to drag and drop onto a collapsed (or an item with no children) … you need to hold down the shift key will dragging. Adding support for auto-expanding items to better support dragging and dropping to any location is a long term possibility. But getting it all working correctly would take a lot of work. I don’t know when/if it will happen.

I’ll add that to my list.