Starting work on Bike "full screen" support

I’m putting accessibility work and improved internals on back burner for next few weeks and will work on better fullscreen support in Bike.

I think the features needed are:

  • Content insets: Allow setting document insets top, button, left, right, so text doesn’t always go right to window edges.

  • Optional wrap to width: Allow setting a max wrapping width in characters. For example 80 chars. Lines will be wrapped to this width and the text column will be centered in the window.

  • Typewriter scrolling: Keep the text caret centered in window as you type

I’m labeling this “full screen” support, but these features will also be available in non-fullscreen mode and generally give Bike content a bit more breathing room when you want it.


This will make Bike a much more comfortable environment to work in. Excited!

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