Starting work on Bike "full screen" support

I’m putting accessibility work and improved internals on back burner for next few weeks and will work on better fullscreen support in Bike.

I think the features needed are:

  • Content insets: Allow setting document insets top, button, left, right, so text doesn’t always go right to window edges.

  • Optional wrap to width: Allow setting a max wrapping width in characters. For example 80 chars. Lines will be wrapped to this width and the text column will be centered in the window.

  • Typewriter scrolling: Keep the text caret centered in window as you type

I’m labeling this “full screen” support, but these features will also be available in non-fullscreen mode and generally give Bike content a bit more breathing room when you want it.


This will make Bike a much more comfortable environment to work in. Excited!

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This is taking a while, but I’m making progress. I think after today I’ll be done the adding features stage and into the debug/optimize stage. Hope to have something out for testing by end of week.

Well it’s Friday, and not ready for preview yet!

It’s the start of winter break for kids, so work schedule becomes unpredictable this week. I haven’t added any new features last few days, but I am making some pretty big changes to layout/animation system and that’s causing a lot of breakage that I’m now working on.

Hope to have something ready mid next week. Well see!

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Preview of this work is now available on this new Friday: