Standoff markup

I have a philosophical question, perhaps related to an older post by @jessegrosjean .

Is there a future use case for standoff markup in TP/Bike? There aren’t that many resources available online, but from what I understand is keeping the formatting separate from plain text.

Perhaps this would allow for greater interoperability between TP and Bike with plaintext, enabling the same rich text rendering and row types in Bike as with .bike files, but switching to TP’s own syntax for task management without actually touching the source text. Could also be a way for Bike to handle markdown?

I think iA Writer recently developed something like this where they allow non-user text (such as pasting text from other authors/AI) to be labeled, and greyed out in the editor interface. The data that defines which text gets greyed out in the editor is embedded in the text file itself. It’s visible in other editors as a set of annotations at the end, but invisible in iA’s editor.

Here are some resources I’ve randomly come across that sparked this train of thought: