Split Screen

Just an idea but, I am in the midst of a really big document and I am enjoying what TaskPaper allows me to do. Mostly I am talking about setting up sections as saved searches on section titles, searching tags, etc.

I know that Scrivener allows you the ability to split the screen which can be helpful if you are trying to rewrite a section and review other data as you write. And before you say it, yes, I could start working more in Scrivener. But I am still doing all the heavy lifting in my writing project (at least at this stage) using TaskPaper.

So, it is just a thought but, it would be nice if TaskPaper had the ability to split the screen too. You could turn this feature on and off of course. But if you have a todo list on the one half and what you want to develop or write out notes on using the other half of the screen … it seems like it would be a useful addition to me - and to others.

Please done anyone get offended at the suggestion. I am only offering a suggestion here.


This is a feature that I’ve implemented for WriteRoom 4. Assuming it gets released in WriteRoom 4 my expectation is that the same feature will show up in TaskPaper 4.

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Yay! Thanks very much.

Hi there. Was this ever implemented? I can’t find a way to launch the same document twice, and I need for the same reason, want to refactor the list, but being able to review other bits of the document.

I just realized I can create a new tab then drag it out of the window and it allows me to split the screen.

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For a slightly faster option you can also just use File > New Window