Spinning beach ball of death in 3.3.1 Preview

Seems like TaskPaper has slowed down a lot in this version. Maybe it’s my machine, will keep an eye on it.

Please let me know if you find more info one when this happens or how I might reproduce it.

Has come back again the last few days. My main taskpaper file is now about 600K and is very complex, but surely that wouldn’t be the reason?

Does the problem go away when you focus into a specific project in your list?

Thanks for getting back to me. Focussing didn’t help. I copied the entire contents of the document into a newly created Taskpaper document and then saved over the old file. Since then everything has been fine.
Update: The issue re-emerged today and I fixed it the same way.
I think what is happening is due to modifying the document in DropBox by remotely changing it from the Drafts App on iPhone. Drafts appends text at the start of the document, and this may be damaging the structure of the file as interpreted by TaskPaper.

Focusing not helping is odd. Unless you start running out of memory editing performance should be directly related to the amount of text displayed in the text view, not the size of the entire document.

TaskPaper doesn’t scale infinitely, but my performance test document is 100,000 lines and typing seems instantaneous when I’m editing in a view with all lines displayed.

I also tried editing a file through dropbox, and it didn’t seem to cause any problems.

One odd performance issue that I have’t gotten to the bottom of was that things can get slow when editing Korean text. I spent a few days on this, but never made much progress. Are you using Korean or any other character sets that I might not have tested very well. (I just type in English)

Don’t believe I’m using another character set! I have avoided the Dropbox action in Drafts and the problem hasn’t recurred.
If I get a bit of time this weekend, I’ll try to recreate the problem and make a screen video to show what happens.
All good for now.