Spelling Doesn’t work

I have all the necessary check boxes checked but spelling is not corrected and there are no red squiggles under mispelt words. If I use command + ; I get a spinning beachball for a few seconds and then nothing.

It still seems to be working for me. Are you sure that the menu:

Edit > Checking > Check Spelling While Typing is checked?

Or alternatively make sure “Show spelling” is checked in the checking popup Command-; like this:

Interesting. I was also having this issue but not in other documents at the same time. I just updated though, so not sure it’s still there.

Honestly I thought it must be something I did from all the stuff I try/test on my Mac. Didn’t want to bother you guys.

When you say “not in other documents” you mean one Bike document wasn’t spell checking, while other open Bike documents were spell checking?

If anyone else has seen broken spell checking please let me know. I can’t reproduce the problem myself and am still trying to find cause.

I meant non-Bike docs.

@climon Does a computer restart fix the problem for you? Apparently a restart fixed problem for @mchapman.

If anyone else is experiencing this, or even better, knows how to reproduce the problem in the first place, please post here. I still can’t reproduce the problem myself.

A mac restart + OS update, both did not work. Still not underlining misspellings.

Sorry for the late response.