Something about focusid in Row Links

Let’s first define that there are four states as follows.

figure 1: The parent row focused and I want to focus in it (?)

figure 2: The child row in the expanded parent row

figure 3: The parent row focused without parent row

figure 4: The child row focused

When I create “CHAPTER 1” row link, and click it to want to get figure 3 window, here is something.
We know that row link can customize focusid, so through row link I can jump to the windows in figure 1, figure 2 and figure 4.
But the focusid parameter of the link doesn’t seem to get the window of figure 3 directly. Because currently the focusid is the same for figure 1, figure 2 and figure 3.

So for now, figure 2 is the closest alternative to figure 3, but with direct commands, the link name you get will be of child row. This can be solved by scripting.

I’ve also thought about adding scripting to the action of opening a link, but it can’t be used as a trigger if it’s jumping with a mouse click.

reference: Using Links - Bike

In Bike 1.0 there are two focus terms:

hoist: I’m not sure if I use they anywhere in UI, but when you hoist a row you don’t see the row, you only see children. Hoisting produces figure 3.

focus: When you focus a row it’s parent is hoisted and the focus row is visible, but all of it’s sibling rows are hidden.

In Bike 2.0 I am simplifying focus/hoist options, in particular hoist is no longer a concept, and figure 3 won’t be possible. The focus rule in 2.0 is focused row is always visible. Even the document root is “visible” in the layout, though it has zero size and isn’t selectable.

I think this takes away a lot of weird cases and makes the UI and scripting easier to understand. It does add a new problem… that your preferred view is figure 3 :slight_smile:

I think this will be addressed in two ways. First maybe figure 2 option isn’t that bad and you can get used to it. Second I am doing lots of stylesheet work, and it’s possible (though still no stylesheet UI yet, it’s the underlying engine I’m making progress on) to customizing styling of focus row. So for example already (in 2.0) the focus row doesn’t show a guide line. Focus rows are also automatically expanded in 2.0.

I would like to try (though have done no work yet) changing alignment of focus node and maybe drawing line under it, so make it appear as a separate UI element. As a last resort I could imagine just setting opacity of focus row to zero through stylesheet if you really didn’t want to see it. These options aren’t likely in the initial Bike 2.0 preview, but I think they will be possible eventually. Yell loud and often if you really need them :slight_smile:

Last… to your question in Bike 1.0.

Turns out that when I implemented links I was already regretting the hoist option, and don’t allow links to link to hoisted state. For example with hoist state you could create a link that would open into a completely empty looking document (even if document had content), so I didn’t want that possibility.

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Here’s a thought. I like to start with a blank page. Like, really blank, without any UI (or as little of it as possible). Sometimes that blank page is inside an existing row. And it annoys the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: out of me that I have to look at its name up top. So, I’m all for the option to turn off the top row​:grin:

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I think this is possible now in Bike 1.0 and will also be possible in 2.0. Create a new outline, you get a completely empty page.

The change will be that in Bike 2.0 if you focus into a section of your outline you will see that heading… in Bike 1.0 if you double-focus then that section also hides. The blankness can be nice, but the double-focus is quite weird.

Anyway, you might already understand all that, just wanted to be clear. I expect Bike 2.0’s preview period will be fairly long, so there will be lots of time for feedback once you have it in your hands.


Yes, figure 2 is usable for me, but as shown, the visual duplication of parent row and navigation bar text confuses me, and there is no distinction between focous and double-focus (figure 1,2,3) on the navigation bar. I’m in favor of unifying figures 2,3 in Bike 2.0 and using a stylesheet to adjust the display element.

I’ve considered my problem and daily behavior. With long outlines and many collapsed rows for visual clarity, I expect to see child rows when opening a row link. I expect the selectid in the link behavior like as a “hoistid.” However, I always got figure 1 or a parent row view aboved figure 1, which the view holds little meaning for me.

In Bike 1.0, I think what I can do is a simple script: open link → double-focus. I replaced New Row with ⌘↵ for Open Link, so ⌥↵ shortcut should be well.