Software Sales Model

FYI, I do not appreciate the rental model for software that is now being developed.

I like the buy … 1 year bug fix and use forever.
If we are all tied to Applestore or any other liscencing body that charges per use there is always an issue for indie developpers to be trapped and controlled by the new rental OVERSEER company.
I understand that the developer has to live but it is an issue.
I was on Daylite for nearly 20 years and they went to a rental model and sent an update to lock out any macOS further than X So they limited an end users capacity to upgrade their mac with their old version… GO FIGURE,
Now you can always rent but at a really high cost which effectively sabotaged legacy user of their software and left us in a lurch.

BTW, I stay away from AppleStore purchases for all things except phone apps.

Just to be clear this is how I’m selling Bike Outliner from my website.