Slow performance on unindent in big document

By the way, I noticed a performance issue:
In Text mode, the more rows there are, Outdent operations become slower.
(roughly over 400 rows or the first twenty chapters of Moby Dick?)

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Do you know if this is a recent change, or just something that you’ve recently noticed?

I just noticed that recently, I don’t know it’s a change (which means it’s functional?)

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Thanks, I think this is an area where it’s always been a little slow in big documents. I know a fix, just haven’t got to it yet.

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I’ve moved this to own topic hoping to get some more feedback.

I can reproduce this, but only under some specific conditions. Can you verify that it’s under these conditions that you see the problem and not in other cases?

  1. The row you are outdenting is folded
  2. The row you are outdenting contains many child rows

On the other hand outdent/indent remains fast for me in documents quite a bit bigger then Moby Dick if the row I’m indent/outdenting isn’t folded, or at least doesn’t contain many child rows.

Yes, two conditions are indispensable. And there is another condition:

  • In the Text Mode edit mode (no problem in greenly outline mode)

Many child rows & folded & text mode.

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I think this issue should be fixed in latest 101 preview release.