Slow behavior with expanded subjects


I use taskpaper for a few uses, but one of them is using it for a yearly work log that I copy/paste into our CRM once I’m finished for the day. Works just fine and I like doing the yearly file because it allows me to see things in the works for the year, especially if they get delayed. Tagging works quite well for this instead of keeping multiple files for work to have to reference when I’m searching for things.
Moving on…when I have the file open, the speeds are slow when I have the projects expanded. I’m fine with NOT having them expanded, but they become expanded by default when you edit taskpaper files with another editor (like Editorial when I switch to my iPad) anyway.
Is this behavior expected? The delays aren’t bad, but they are noticeable. The delays will move from about 1 second to 2 seconds and sometimes cause the beachball to appear.


It’s hard to say… at some point yes it will get slow. But that point should be pretty far out. Is it possible to send me so I can try it for myself?


Will do. I can usually reproduce it the fastest after unfolding everything and then trying to collapse/expand subjects. You should have it in 5 minutes or so.