Sidebar styling needs/discussion

Sidebar custom styling, especially using the vibrant/blur/style, it somewhat difficult to customize. Getting it right might take more time then is worthwhile at this point. Before I decide to start digging into it I have some questions:

  • Does any Apple app allow for font-size customization in the UI as opposed to a “content” area where you type? I can’t figure any way to customize Finder sidebar font size or Mail sidebar font size… is it possible?

  • Does Apple use a vibrant dark outline view anywhere? Or if not Apple, does any app use it to good effect? Multiple examples would be great!

setting the Sidebar icon size to small does shrink the font, but setting it to large doesn’t increase it.

Preferable to the bad old days, I think:

Basically Apple used to allow it & now they don’t.

IMHO that’s just as well. I think light/dark mode and font size options would be nice for the sidebar, but nothing more than that necessary.

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If I recall correctly, MailMate allows users to style the text in all areas of the app. Clicking on the sidebar and then choosing a font, styles that area.

Edit: Just re-read your question. Sorry I didn’t point out any Apple apps.

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Apple Calendar (formerly iCal) has a medium grey sidebar background that is a little darker than the light theme sidebar. BusyCal and Mail appears to have the same sidebar backing as Calendar does.

Scrivener has a customization sidebar (called the Binder). You can change the colors. Also, Folders are larger and bolded.

In this discussion I would observe that the sidebar being an issue at all is about TaskPaper3 being a victim of it’s own success. It is only because I can change the editor’s font color, size and contrast with the background, that the sidebar has become a glaring issue. That is only because the eye seeks balance or symmetry. More font control in the editor highlights no font control in the sidebar.

What I don’t like about Apple is the minimalist way Steve Jobs had with all things designed. Don’t misunderstand me, I am a real fan of Jobs and most of what he developed and I am a fan of Apple -for the most part. Calendar is an example of a real lack of creativity from a company that once touted it’s self as thinking different. Having a relatively small font on a sidebar matches the app designers intent for a relatively small font for the main users window. That is one reason I went with BusyCal, more creative options. That, and not having to check two apps (Reminders and Calendar).

I was using Logic for a good while. That was one of Apples Pro apps and it had really small fonts, If I remember correctly that minimalist, small font display was normal for Apple’s other pro apps. I would much rather get productive and customize my user interface where I can than worry about Apple thinking their product conforms to some standard of mythical cool and their forcing their users to be like Steve (bless him, I know he’s gone now). Apples first Superbowl commercial had a runner throwing a hammer into a conformity screen talking conformity to a bunch if IBM-ish suits. I think Apple could used a dose of their own medicine right about now (end rant) :wink:

Gyaz Mail allows total color change of background and font on message, list and mailbox panels, all of them.

I have been using the dark sidebar with white letters and it does greatly improve the contrast. I have a light background on my editor and I have customized text with tags, etc. I would say that changing sidebar background and font size is still nice, but I no longer consider it as vital. The white on black doesn’t really fit design wise but, it’s functional at least.

ADDED: nvalt

Could I ask what the state of play is with styling the sidebar? I appreciate that there are global settings:


However, I could really do with being able to change the font size. I have 5k monitor and the sidebar text is pretty tiny.

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Those are your only options currently. I do hope to get back to this, but I don’t expect to add more styling options anytime in the near future.

Thanks for the prompt response!

Even if it were possible to just zoom the sidebar that would work.

I would also like to be able to change some things in the sidebar. Just sayin’ :slight_smile:

I’ve posted about this before, but I’ll add my vote here: being able to theme the colors and fonts in the sidebar is important to me.