Sidebar concept with mockup and task count request

Task Count

Please can you add an option to the view menu, “Remaining tasks count”, to display in the sidebar the total number of incomplete tasks belonging to each project. Calculated by project task count += 1 for each child line that begins with "-" and does not contain "@done".

Sidebar concept

  • Interface. Please could the sidebar UI be made consistent with the design language and styling of the editor. I’ve mocked up a simple UI illustrating this as well as a reworked concept for the sidebar:
  • Document outline. The sidebar section dividers are replaced by a document outline and tags filter.
  • Filters. Each section heading, when clicked, results in the display of only that section (document / projects / sub-project / searches / archive) of the document in the editor. This removes the need for the “Home” link and the existence or creation of some common custom searches.
  • Children. To toggle the visibility (expand collapse) of a section’s children within the sidebar, click the circle to the left of the title. The same as in the editor window.
  • Tags. As the tags section of the sidebar is slightly different (pulling information from the document without being a section of content in the document), clicking the “Tags” title in the sidebar expands or collapses this section within the sidebar.
  • Values. The visibility of any values assigned to a tag can be toggled in the sidebar. By clicking a value, the editor displays only items in the document with this tag and value. This removes the need to create many custom searches and also keeps the sidebar organised.