Sidebar Behavior


I usually have a lot of projects in my files and I don’t like to see them on my sidebar.To fix that I just hide them and that solution works pretty well for me. The problem is that in one of my computers, when I reopen the file(s), the projects appear extended again. This may sound like a little deal, but it is a hassle. The preferences in both computers look the same.

Is there an explanation why does that happen in just one of my computers?

What can I do to fix that?


That setting is stored in user defaults, not part of the document. It’s mostly managed by Apple’s outline component… I just give it the name to save under, and then it automatically updates defaults when items are expanded/collapsed and should restore those settings when you next open TaskPaper.

The values are stored under “NSOutlineView Items Sidebar”. This is what you should see:

When you expand/collapse items in the sidebar you should see the defaults file updated a few seconds later. (Maybe switch out of TaskPaper to force it to update the defaults file if it isn’t.

If it’s not working I guess a few things to check/try:

  1. Are other user defaults settings not working?
  2. If not maybe try quitting TaskPaper and deleting your existing user defaults file so that it’s recreated.
  3. If still not working what happens when you try from guest user account?


It solved my problem.
You are the best. Really. Whatever software you develop I want two! :slight_smile: !!!