Sidbar not affecting window size

I am seeing that, when I adjust the window to a screen’s window bounds (NOT in full screen mode) and I show or hide the sidebar in TaskPaper, the sidebar shows or hides - but the window sizing does not adapt to the change.

This means that, if a TaskPaper document is already at the window’s boundaries and the sidebar is hidden, and you expand the sidebar, you cannot tell that it has been expanded as it just expanded off the screen.

Most apps that have sidebars will shrink or expand the app when a sidebar is opened or closed. This is standard modern Mac window behavior. It makes sense as it keeps the windows boundaries intact.

I am not sure why Taskpaper does this. It is a little bit annoying. I use screen macros to size windows to screens and it is a fix - so long as I remember to hit the macro key after open or closing a sidebar. Still, it seems odd that this is happening in TaskPaper.

I think, your issue is already answered in this post:

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Ah, thank you.