Showing Due items in iOS (Taskmator or Editorial)

I’m new to TaskPaper (still in 7Day trial period)
Most part of using my task list happens on my phone. I’m writing all my tasks on my macbook, and then switch to my phone and work through the due tasks throughout the day.

So, in order to make that work, I’m trying to show my due tasks on my phone (either in Taskmator or Editorial), but failed to be able to make it happen on either.

In TaskPaper on the mac, it’s simply searching for “@today union @due <[d] tomorrow”, works beautifully. On my phone, I just can’t figure out how to make that happen.

Any tips or ideas?

Editorial’s my primary TaskPaper client/app these days, but it doesn’t have TaskPaper query syntax built in, in the way that other dedicated TaskPaper apps might do.

I’d recommend taking a look at the Editorial Workflows site ( for add-ons to help filter/fold views according to specific requirements. But for a quick and simple “due” filter:

  • new workflow (+ button top left of workflow menu)
  • add action “fold lines containing”
  • select option: “case-insensitive search”
  • enter “@due(” (without quotation marks) as text to search for
  • toggle “invert selection”

Run the workflow to hide any item that doesn’t have a tag starting “@due(” in it. Note— that’ll also hide project headings. There are other more sophisticated workflows available that will allow you to focus on any tag in the document, leave project headers intact and so on. Hope that helps.