Shortcuts During 7 Day Trial?

After getting an email from HogBay, I downloaded Bike from the Apple Store.

I also downloaded and installed Bike Shortcuts.

When I tried to run one, I got a message saying that Shortcuts only work for a fully licensed version. If this is the expected behavior, it would be “nice” to be able to test Shortcuts even during the 7 day trial.

In my view, Shortcuts are a very nice automation feature that I intend to use.


It should be that there are no restrictions in 7 day trail, shortcuts should run. Either trial is over, or shortcut is running wrong Bike, or bug. Lets test:

  1. If you create a new outline can you use Command-B to bold some text? If you can then trial isn’t over.

  2. Are you sure that the shortcut is running the version of Bike that’s still in trial? It may be that you downloaded Bike from my website in the past, and that’s the version that the shortcut is launching. Do a search for Bike and delete all copies except for App Store version

Hopefully one of those two explains problem, otherwise I’ll investigate further and see if I made a mistake somewhere.

Thanks for the very fast reply, Jesse.

I did your Cmd-B test and got the same message so it looks like you didn’t make a mistake. I must have downloaded Bike before but it must have been a long time ago.

FYI … there’s only one copy of Bike in my Applications folder and no other copies anywhere else on my computer. But, it’s not worth trying to figure out why and taking you away from more important matters.

I just went ahead and bought the annual subscription.

Thanks again for the fast reply and the easy way to test the issue.

Saluda, NC

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where are the bike shortcuts?