Shortcut to insert line above the current one

As we’re dealing with lists that are frequently ordered lists, I’m always adding items above the current one. So I was thinking that it would be handy to have a shortcut to add a line above the current one.

We could have modified versions of “New Task”, “New Note” and “New Project” with this behavior: “New Task Above”, “New Note Above”, etc. But a simple “Add Above (Shift-Return)” would be sufficient.

You can create a system wide keybinding for this (in my case CTR-SHIFT-ENTER):

add the following lines to ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict

  // Insert blank line above paragraph (Control Shift Enter)
  "^$\U000D" = (moveToBeginningOfParagraph:, moveLeft:, insertNewline:);

When DefaultKeyBinding.dict does not exists, just create the file/folder

See for more information a blog post off Brett Terpstra.


Wow! I didn’t know about this kind of system keybindings. This is awesome!

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