Shortcut question


If I’m here (with | indicating the cursor):

	- Item|

What’s the quick way to add a note underneath the item?

	- Item


Not in a single keystroke, instead Return then Tab is what you need.


I think that this:

Would do this:

	- Item
		- |

Not the desired outcome:

	- Item

I suppose I can backspace twice at that point, but this feel weird. We’re at four keystrokes to add a note to an item.

Maybe I don’t understand how notes are supposed to work. I don’t mix them with items, much. I tend to keep them separate. I was playing around with blending them, but I couldn’t find a good workflow for switching from one to the other.


Ahh right. You could instead Control-Command-Return (new note) followed by the Tab. Though might get hard to remember. That’s the problem with trying to add a dedicated command for what you want too… just to many possible combination that people might want, leads to keyboard shortcuts no one can remember.

It’s however you want! :slight_smile: But I agree with you… for me adding notes to individual tasks is a little awkward and isn’t something I normally do. I think TaskPaper works best when tasks are fine grained… if a task is complicated enough to need many notes I think it might be better off as a project in TaskPaper. Others may have a different option, but that’s how I normally use it.


You could use Better Touch Tool (or KeyboardMaestro) to combine multiple shortcuts (^⌘↩ then ⇥) into a single gesture, shortcut, or phrase


Cool. Thanks to the response to both of you. I’m still finding my way around TaskPaper. I want to use it for more and more note-taking/thinking/brainstorming/planning which I’d never thought would happen. I’m one of those people from whom they’ll have to pry my text editor (Sublime Text) from cold, RSI’ed hands.

Since I don’t use it for todos so much, I’m at a loss about how to use items over notes (and vice-versa). But I guess this will “click” eventually.

P.S. @Edvard_Munch, I have BTT but I didn’t even know it did keyboard shortcuts. I just use it to speed up my touchpad, without which I feel like my Mac is broken.