Setapp issue with purchased license

I do not use Setapp. I have many of the apps, but have purchased a few of those prior to Setapp’s appearance on the scene. Taskpaper is one of those.

I have a Taskpaper 3 license purchased some time ago. I have entered this in my installed version of Taskpaper 3.8.6. It launches OK from Alfred or by opening it in the Applications Folder, but I cannot open it by double-clicking on .taskpaper files in the Finder. Nor can I open file links ./file.taskpaper from inside Taskpaper itself. This is the message I get when attempting that.

This copy of TaskPaper cannot be launched without a Setapp account.

It seems that the Setapp check is taking place when it should not.

Sorry for the trouble.

Are you sure that you don’t have two versions of TaskPaper on your computer? Please try searching for “” in spotlight and see if you get multiple copies showing up.

Certainly possible there’s a bug like this… but in theory the direct version of TaskPaper shouldn’t have any setup code in it. Also can you take a screenshot of that alert … will help me tell exactly where this message is coming from I hope.

Jesse –

You are absolutely right. I had installed the Setapp trial a bit ago. I hadn’t realized that Setapp stored its apps in a different folder than /Applications. That’s now gone and Taskpaper opens properly.

Thanks for the quick reply!

– Dave

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