Send Outlook 2016 Email To TaskPaper


I REALLY want to use TaskPaper for GTD. Tried everything I I just am a plain old lists person. But keeping track of everything means interfacing with email as 90% of my tasks come in via email. I found the macro to get messages to TaskPaper, but I can find no Outlook macros. No skill or time to learn how to write a script to do this–does anyone have an Outlook script that will send a message to TaskPaper InBox with a link back to original message in outlook?


I’ll sketch something this (EU) evening.

In the meanwhile, to activate links of the form outlook://2040 for clicking in TaskPaper, you will need to:

  1. Download the zip of this Github repository:
  2. Follow the first three steps, to install the URL handler.

( It isn’t code signed, so you may have to refer to this:

but the source code is simple and visible )


I have made an edit to the Send selected email(s) to TaskPaper 3 script here:

so that it can be used (if you adjust the options at the bottom of the script) with Outlook 2016.

INSTALLATION consists of two stages:

  1. Activating outlook://nnnn links (see the reference to the Github resource in the earlier post, above)
  2. Changing the mailApp option at the end of the script.

The default is:

    inboxPath: '//Inbox and @type=project[-1]',
    mailApp: '' // or edit to '' // 

and to make it read the active selection in Outlook 2016 (rather than Apple Mail), you should edit it to:

    inboxPath: '//Inbox and @type=project[-1]',
    mailApp: '' //  (was '' )


I’ve also put a Keyboard Maestro version, which shouldn’t require configuration (it detects whether the front application is Mail or Outlook 2016) here:


Thank you for sharing this.